Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tempest Blazers

Finally finished the Murder Ponies! It only took me a year to get these painted. They were a Christmas present from my buds last year. A couple notes about these for other folks that end up taking them on:
1) For anything beyond very careful handling, I recommend additional pins into the hooves to make it more stable to the base. A single plastic leg to support the whole model and bond it to the base is just ridiculous.
2) Make sure to fit the riders to the horses before putting the arms on. The riders with the arms outstretched forward can be a nasty fit around the horses' heads.

Quite honestly, I can't say I enjoyed painting these that much. I hate painting horses, and the final assembly was very tedious. I'm glad they are done.

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Derek said...

Great job on these. I love the idea of light Cavalry in Warmachine, I love all three light cavalry in theory (not the Cryx ones) but the problem I have is the minis of the ponies they use is ugly! I'm looking to source other horses to use, then I'm all in!