Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Battle Report: Nemo3 vs Skarre2

So many mistakes in my experimental run of Nemo3.

My list: Nemo3 w/ Finch, Stormall, Reliant, Jakes, Dynamo, Storm Lances (5), 2 Stormcallers, Bunker Objective.

My opponent: Skarre2, Deathjack, Nightwretch, Aiakos, Sepulcher, Siren, Bane Riders (5), Blood Witches (6+UA), Bunker Objective.

Scenario: Fire Support, 60 minute death clock.

I won initiative, but I opted to go second. That was a big mistake. Skarre's forces managed to jam forward really fiercely, putting me in a tight place where I just couldn't safely advance much. Then on Skarre's second turn, the Blood Witches went incorp, the Sepulcher pushed forward across the line, and the Bane Riders jammed right into my front line. Skarre also feated which made the jam that much more painful. From there I made a desperate attempt to start digging out but it wasn't quite enough. In the end the Supulcher was able to get onto Nemo and that wrapped things up.

Lessons learned: Not having any magic weapons in my list is sort of a problem. Also I think there's just not enough models in this list to deal with counter-jamming. In general it was a good learning experience but the whoopins I'm getting from Cryx are sure frustrating.

Games this year: 16

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