Friday, July 01, 2016

Battle Report: Caine1 vs Issyria

Running low on energy, so this write up will be sketchy.

My list: Caine1, Reinholdt, Ace, 2 Hunters, Gun Mages (6+UA), Hunter, Tempest Blazers (3), Strangeways.

My opponent: Issyria, Corbeau, Imperatus, Chimera, Destors (5), Heavy Rifle Team, Arcanist Mechanic, Artificer, 2 Mage Hunter Assassins, Narn, .

Scenario: Mosh Pit (book), no clock.

Won initiative, chose to go first. Advanced, then enemy advanced, then I did some shooting. One thing I enjoyed was using a combination of Jack Marshal with a Hunter, and then Strangeways to give it a focus, and Caine to give it Deadeye. The net result is that with the Take Aim option, the Hunter becomes RAT 9 +3d6 to hit, and POW 8 boosted armor piecing with crit brutal damage. I managed to get the crit when shooting at Imperitus too, but unfortunately rolled really badly. Still, at 4d6-1 for damage, it put a serious dent in him. From there things got pretty grindy for me though. Fortunately my opponent didn't feat early with Issyria and I managed to keep things at bay. Then later when Imperitus got a run on Caine, dice bent in my favor and he survived by 4 points, after having spent 2 focus for damage drops. At that point I had to take a run on Issyria. There was a bit of luck and a Gun Mage managed to Thunderbolt shot Imperitus sideways 3", allowing Caine to then Thunderstrike Imperitus back into a Destor, which then freed a Hunter from melee engagement. Caine continued his run by advancing, shooting the Artificer down (to get rid of the +2 def against ranged), and then feating and popping shots into Issyria. If Caine hand't gotten lucky and finished her off, Ace and the freed Hunter were all set to finish the job. Still though, I was sweating that one and simply got lucky with my opponent's dice not rolling average.

Lessons learned: Caine1 is still awesome. Jack Marshalling is totally a thing. Issyria is scary. And most of all, between this list and the Stryker1 list, I've learned that balanced lists really are pretty important in order to have answers to lots of different questions. I'm honestly starting to believe that skew lists are actually more punished in Mk3 than they were in Mk2.

Games this year: 38

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