Sunday, January 22, 2017

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #140

Finally getting a desk post in...

I've been slacking pretty bad on the blog here in this new year. I'm finally gaining steam on painting, but it's still feeling like a bit of an uphill struggle. I've got a couple other things done that I just haven't photographed and posted yet. The Neraph here is in progress and would have been my last unpainted Legion model if there wasn't a bit of an accident at my FLGS the other day, where I picked up the Grotesque Assassin and Nyss Warlord. I'm honestly not quite sure why I got them since I'm not planning to play WM/H anytime in the next couple months.

I picked up four Vallejo weathering paints the other day to experiment with. I'll post a couple examples later this week but my first impression is pretty positive.

Total games played this year: 0

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