Sunday, October 22, 2017

Iron Painter 2017: Round 2: Last Stand of the Waterbending Brothers

Here's my round 2 entry for Iron Painter. The theme was "Water, Water, Everywhere..." and I put together this idea for it. These are waterbending brothers, standing back to back, fighting off an unseen enemy. I'm pretty tired, otherwise I would do a lot more write up of this. The entry was due tonight and I just got it in under the wire. If people would like to see WIP pics or know more about how I did anything here, just leave a comment.


Lucas said...

Please, Sensei, I wish to learn the secrets of water sculpting.

Unknown said...

I would really love to see WIP. I'm playing a Avatar the Last Airbender DnD Campaign and am playing a waterbender. Bout to order a mini for the character and want to get the waterbending effects looking perfect. Did you build this mini or order?

Scott said...

Sorry about the delayed response. The minis and the base were bought from Wyrd Miniatures. The waterbending effects were done using fishing line with a thin piece of wire inside of it, thick-gel superglue and gloss medium. I just had to carefully sculpt the various jets of water, then clip the pieces and put them in place. Then I added extra gloss medium to the ends to create thicker blobs of water.