Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Daughters of the Fraidycats!

Another super fun battle against Zugbart tonight. We used the week 3 dispatch for the Warmachine league, playing the Protectorate vs Khador scenario. Basically it came down to a rumble on the hill, with both of us throwing aside attempts to win the scenario in order to deliver righteous smackdown.

The lists were similar to previous weeks. Zugbart had Doomshaper, Mauler, Blitzer, Fell Caller, Axer, Impaler, and Krielstones. I had Amon, Guardian, Repenter, Daughters, Gorman, Vilmon, 2 Paladins, Seneschal, Chior and 1 Wrack. Despite being outnumbered 2 to 1, the trolls once again turned in a victory.

The key point of the game was a big learning experience around two-handed throws. On round 2, the Blitzer threw the Guardian into Amon, wounding him enough and knocking him down so that a couple shots from the Pyg Ace could finish him off.... or so we thought! After reviewing the situation, we discovered a few things we did wrong, and promptly rewound the situation. First, throwing a model at another model requires a ranged attack roll. Second, range of the throw is base on STR, not POW. In the end, Amon got to live for a few more rounds before eventually being speared down by an Impaler. If only I'd succeeded in the tough roll!

Overall this was a very pitched game I felt. There were a number of times where each of us missed critical attack rolls that could have swung the balance in someone's favor. I actually felt I was executing better later in the game when I had fewer models on the table. The poor Daughters were unfortunately pretty useless in this battle, but it was fun to field the little ladies. Next time they will need a little more careful usage. I was pretty suprised how easily the krielstones were able to hit the daughters. Stupid trolls! Amon once again was the star of the show, using his whip's slam ability repeatedly on the Mauler to send it flying into other trolls. Overall though, this was an impressive display of fortitude by the trolls to finally drive home victory.


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