Monday, May 07, 2007

Vilmon Repaired

Well, I took care of the repairs to Vilmon a couple days ago. For the most part, it's not readily apparent that there was any damage, but upon close inspection the pinning job is apparent. It basically looks like I painted it in pieces and then assembled it. I did go ahead and seal him with a coat of Testors Glosscoat and then a light coat of Testors Dullcoat. I did this against my gut instincts for 2 reasons. First, Vilmon goes on the table pretty much every time I field protectorate now, which means he's going to get more wear than pretty much any other miniature I have. Second, since he was already damaged, I figured that I might as well use him as a test subject for how much the coating shifts the look of one of my better painted figures (despite the lower CMON rating). Despite my fears, the coating hasn't really shifted the look of the paint overall. It's a little bit more shiny, but not dramatically so. Perhaps the damage Vilmon had to incur was just the kick in the pants I needed in order to start coating the rest of my models.

I must say, the Testors Glosscoat followed by Testors Dullcoat was great advice that I picked up from the Privateer forums.

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