Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pouty Players Suck

Ok, I'll admit, I've had more than one frustrating game of Warmachine where halfway through I want to smash something, but I always try my best to maintain my composure. Tonight I played a 2-on-2 game where 2 frustrating things happened.

1) One of the opposing players totally fouled my miniatures. We needed to slip a template underneath Vilmon and my 2 Paladins who were in a triangle formation. He did the old crane grab on them, mashing them together, in order to pick them up. In the process of doing that, he broke the glue join on Vilmon's arms. So, now I have more repair damage to deal with. I haven't inspected it closely yet (or the other models) but I think the damage is repairable.

2) The same dude, when I killed his warlock, seriously lost his cool. He swore (loud enough that everyone heard in the room), and acted like I had cheated. Now in all honesty, I did pull off a relatively intricate set of actions to bring alot of synergy to bear, and if I'd failed, would have probably be open to dying next round. And yes, it was only his second game of Hordes/Warmachine ever. And yes, it is frustrating when you get "cryx'd", which I somewhat did. And sure, he probably didn't know all the capabilities of my army, which is frustrating. All that aside, I did not cheat, and I was clear about everything I was doing as it rolled out. I'd be frustrated too (and definately have been in similar situations). But this dude was seriously pouty and fuming for probably 10 minutes, making comments that were borderline unsportsmanlike in my opinion.

Maybe my bar for being considerate and sportsmanlike is set higher than average, but based on all the other people I've played at this location before, I was definately caught off guard. Anyway, this entry is more of a rant than anything, so readers shouldn't take it too seriously. I'll post another entry later with the actual battle report. I just needed to get this out of my system. I hope that this game didn't leave a bad taste in this guy's mouth. I tried to be gracious and offer some perspective and advice on how to avoid it in the future.


Da Troll said...

Yea, tonight's game felt pretty tense...definitely more so than when it is just the two of us. Both our opponents I thought were kinda high strung about the game and seemed to take it a little bit too seriously (though you definitely got the worse end of it).

But on my side I had some issues too, mostly with nitpicking of distances and such. Like one instance I was almost sure that my guy was within one inch, but after they measured, they sort of "nudged" my guy just out of range.

Ah well, it wasn't really important though, so I just let it go. Hopefully they'll be more at ease the next time, now that the pressures of the first games are out of the way.

Da Troll said...

PS. That pouty player really seems to want to play my Trolls next week...I'm not sure I'm looking forward to that per se.

Oh, and it seriously sucks that he messed up your Vilmon model. Ugh. You handled it very well though. You figure he'd know not to handle someone else's mini unless told it's's pretty common even in the GW world of gaming. Hopefully it won't be too hard to repair.

Scott said...

Thanks for your perspective. I tried to be gracious about the whole thing. The Vilmon repair turned into a minor fiasco since the whole arm assembly fell apart. I got it all pinned together now, but it doesn't fit as seamlessly as it did before unfortunately. I'll probably post more about that later today once I finish coating him and doing touch-ups.