Friday, August 31, 2007

Doc Killingsworth

I actually finished Doc a couple days ago, but here he is. This was a fun model, but it had alot of little bits to him. By the end I had well over half my paints spread out on my desk. Painting Doc marks the completion of all my mercs. I'm now down to just Protectorate and Trolls to paint

The blood splatters were a new experience for me. I don't think they turned out great, but they are ok. I tried using a little bit of brown in the middle of the blood spots to make it look more dried and dark.
I also made a more concentrated effort to focus on color balance on this model. Not a super great job I have to say, but it was good practice to think about it. I tried to keep a color balance that would keep the eyes shifting over the whole model rather than draw the attention to a single spot.
I've also got a battle report to type up, but I might not get to it. For some reason I'm really behind on blogging. Maybe today will be further catch-up day.

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