Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Krielstone Bearer

Finished up the Krielstone Bearer. The scribes are queued up for later though. I spent a little less effort on the painting quality this time and more effort on the overall composition and story effect instead. There were a couple specific things I focused on. First, I wanted to pick out a handful of the runes to have glowing. My "glowing" effect isn't great, but I'm more satisfied with it than I was on the Fell Caller. I also did a little OSL work on the runes around his hands and above his head, putting some reflected green on those spots. Second, I wanted to make the stone look like it had been uprooted from the ground recently, so I used some Vallejo smoke to make a "dirt line" on the bottom of the stone. Overall I wanted this to draw the attention to the stone more than the troll. Again, not my best painting quality effort, but I'm happy with the overall results.


Da Troll said...

The runes look nice, but it's kinda strange to me that only a few are glowing...are you planning to make more glow?

I also like the muddy bottom. That's a really cool touch!

Da Troll said...

Actually, I take it back...having all the runes glowing would look weird. So disregard everything I just said hehe.

Scott said...

Yeah, I originally thought about making them all glow, but then I thought that just having a few glow would make for better contrast. I also wanted to try a little OSL from a more limited source, so fewer runes glowing made that easier.