Saturday, March 08, 2008

11 Weeks To Go!

11 more weeks until Kublacon! I'm counting down mainly because I need to get my act together and have a plan for something to enter in the painting competition. There's basically 6 total categories, made of combinations of fantasy vs sci-fi, and small, large and squad. I've no intention of entering everything of course. I'll be happy to have one or two entries that I really feel happy with. I'll probably keep the whole thing under wraps until after Kubla, but I'll save notes and posts and pics as I go and post them later. In the mean time, I need to start thinking carefully about being ready in 11 weeks. At my current painting pace, this shouldn't be a problem, but I do want to put some extra effort into whatever I'm going to enter.

I've just about got Holt done (just waiting for the basework to dry), and then I can move on to Aiyana. This whole 1-model-per-week thing is making me feel pretty good.

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