Monday, March 03, 2008

Captain Bartolo Montador, aka Broadsides Bart

Just sealed him this morning. I spent noticably more time on him than all those previous Sea Dogs. I found it ironic that I ended up with a relatively "Menoth" scheme to him. I think it works pretty well though. Somewhat flashy, but not over the top. Places where I spent extra effort:
  • Whites - I really tried to put extra effort into getting the whites to look good. The new lamp definately helped alot here.
  • Metals - I applied some of those metalic techniques I talked about in a previous post from Quentin and Sabastian. Mostly I was trying to shade and highlight the metals better. I think partially it worked and partially it didn't, but at least it's not just a flat coat of metal with metal wash thrown on top. Totally worth the effort. I'll never go to NMM.
  • Face - Admittedly, it could be better, but I tried to put more time on this. I'm still not steady or skilled enough to be painting irises in the eyes and all that, but it's slowly getting better.
  • Basing - This wasn't extra effort on purpose. The chest where Bart rests his foot is sliced to look like it's partially buried. I wanted to keep my pirate basing theme, so I had to substitute something else to be "burying" the chest, so I figured a small pile of coins would do. The coins were made primarily using a tutorial from the Reaper site.

    I actually fielded him last night as well in a 500pt battle against Cryx. The battle was quite amusing, and without going into great detail, my favorite part was an armless Nomad headbutting the DeathJack to the ground and then the Freebooter walking up, trashing the DeathJack, and then chain attack two-handed throwing it back into the Cryx backfield. So pleasing. In the end though I didn't have enough heavy hitting firepower to penetrate Terminus' armor (he was camping focus) and then miscalculated with Alexia and Bart and got whacked. I think Bart would be more fun with a Mariner in tow given his spell options. Still though, a very fun battle.
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    Deacis said...

    Nice, I like it alot!