Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fiona the Black

So this model gave me a little inspiration to try something different. I had seen a post on the PP forums of a very cool Skarlock by DeadDogg. He used purple as an undertone in all portions of the model. This was an interesting idea to me, but something I'd never tried before. So, here's my attempt at it...

I used purple in almost everything. The metals got washes tainted with purple ink. The whites have just a touch of purple paint in them. Only the skin and hair were not blending with at least a touch of purple. The blending could have been a little better on the side cloak, but I'm pretty happy with the back of the coat.

I had thought about putting runes on the cloak, but in the end decided against it. Mostly the problem was that I wanted glowing rules, and that would have required using another color that would have good contrast. That just went against my goal for the model, so I abandoned that idea and went ahead and sealed it tonight. Perhaps the next model will get to have runes.

When I first bought this model, admittedly I bought it more for the game stats. But after I started painting it, I really enjoyed the asymmetry of the model and found it to be an intriguing challenge.

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