Monday, August 04, 2008

Battle: Testament vs eMorghoul

Quick battle report from last night. No pics unfortunately. 750 points of Skorne vs Menoth action. Here's the line ups:

Me: Testament, Reckoner, Guardian, Devout, Vassal, Choir(6), 2 Seneschals, 2 units Knights, Rupert, Aiyana&Holt, Gorman.
Lance: eMorghoul, Cannoneer, 2 Kreas, Drake, 2 Savages, Brute, Paingivers (6), Bongrinders (6), Gobbers, Totem Hunter

I won the right to go first and boy am I glad I did. I ran right towards the center of the table with my jack wall, put Knights on either side, and braced for the Skorne advance. The game quickly turned into a battle for the center of the table, with my jack wall amped up on spells and effects. In the end we had to call the game on time: I had destroyed a significant portion of Lance's force with minimal casualties and had eMorghoul on the run, but just couldn't leverage enough attacks at the top of round 4 to kill him. On the other hand, my positioning had prevented any sort of counter-attack from eMorghoul of any significant strength.

Some highlights:
  • eMorghoul's feat is (still) bad business. Again he caught large swaths of my force, dramatically limiting my options. This time he caught my caster, which made things really nasty.
  • The Cyclops Brute is a huge pain in the butt to take down. He's got enough def, arm and damage that it requires some significant slugging to finally bring him down. Last night it took Holt (boosted from Aiyana being in melee as well), a Seneschal (who missed his second attack), and 2 charging Knights (getting attacks from the back to bypass the shield).
  • Soulstorm didn't even get used this battle, although the Testament's Dust-to-Dust spell is pretty awesome. It's also nice to note that Ashen Veil stacks with Choking Veil from the Reckoner.
  • The real stars of the show for me were the Knights. 2 units of these guys means no lost love when a couple go down. There was also some chiorboy abuse by the Testament, since he gets soul tokens no matter who destroys a protectorate model.

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