Sunday, August 10, 2008

Battle: Will the real Midwinter please step forward...

This latest battle was a rather interesting twist. Lance and I played a 750 point battle where each army had to contain 15 vps of warbeasts or warjacks. I can honestly say it was quite entertaining. Probably the best part was the very high level of discussion around various points in the battle where there were opportunities for assassination runs. [Warning: There's some proxy action in the pics, since some of the models being used are on my desk still being converted/painted]

The Lists:
Lance: Epic Morghoul, 2 Cannoneers, Bronzeback, 2 Kreas, Drake, Paingivers (6), Agonizer, Feralgeist, Swamp Gobbers, Midwinter
Me: Epic Feora, Guardian, Reckoner, Crusader, Devout, Revenger, Redeemer, Chior (6), Vassal, 2 Wracks, Gorman, Midwinter

I chose eFeora primarily for the bonus movement she gives to her battlegroup. The jacks were mostly just an assortment of things I felt like playing. Including Midwinter was primarily for testing him out. I was pretty undecided about him before.

* eMorghoul's feat is still very nasty. I hates it! The fact that he can charge into the middle of my army, blind everything, and then teleport back to safety just makes it ridiculously frustrating.
* Marching in a jackwall worked really well. With the choir to prevent shooting at the jacks, it really put a pinch on Lance's list.
* Midwinter was awesome, on both sides of the table. For Lance, he prevented a fairly certain assassination run by me on eMorghoul. For me, he launched a lovely chain lightning into a Cannoneer which then bounced and hit a paingiver and the feralgeist, killing both.
* The Agonizer was again a real pain in the butt. Between the Agonizer and Midwinter, it creates a very heavy suppression against jacks and casters.
* The bonded Redeemer was awesome. It set many things on fire, doing bonus damage to eMorghoul, Midwinter, the Gobbers, and several paingivers. I'm totally sold on the Redeemer being standard equipment with eFeora at this point.

There were several points at which assassinations almost happened, mostly notably the end where eFeora made a mad dash, teleported into melee with eMorghoul, and unfortunately just missed by 1 attack on killing him. Then it was a simple matter to finish her off.

Next time:
I'm really looking forward to fielding Midwinter with Aiyana in the same list. I'm betting that it will make for a very ridiculous suppression field.

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