Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Bunch of random notes...

Picked up Legends last Wednesday. It's 100% awesome. I'm still reading through the fiction, but the Menoth stuff is rockin.

Played a 750pt game last Friday. I played eSeverius against eAsphyxious. I lost, but it was a valuable experience. eSevvy is pretty badass, even against non-living models where his abilities are rather nerfed. Highlights include putting his +2 DEF and no-spells/animii spell on the TFG and controlling an entire side of the table with them.

Watched a couple of painting videos posted on miniaturepeddler the other day. The first wasMatt DiPietro at GenCon which I found pretty interesting. The second was of Amy Brehm teaching a class on metalics which was ok, but rather hard to follow.

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