Thursday, October 09, 2008

Capt Jeremiah Kraye

And here he is... Capt Jeremiah Kraye. My second mounted figure. This was a job for Jeff, who was kind enough to let me paint this model. I wanted to paint it, but didn't really fancy buying it for myself. Again, like the stuff for Sean, another perfect opportunity to paint a great model without having to buy it myself. Maybe I'm a little crazy. However, I will admit it'll be nice to be back to painting my own models that will get table time.
For this model, I did more than normal prep work in getting him assembled. I originally started the model as two pieces also, with the horse/Kraye separate from the base, and once I got far enough I attached the two together. I still ended up getting a little slop on the base that had to be corrected, but it was pretty minor. It's become my habit for a while now to paint models fully assembled unless absolutely necessary.
As for this particular model, here's a handful of things that I feel worked out well:
  • The gray/blue/black horse made a nice offset color to the rest of the model.
  • Kraye's white gloves/chaps/etc give him a nice "civil war" type of feel, which I thing really suits the sculpt.
  • A combination of both silver and gold helped give the metals plenty of pop without overpowering the general feel of the model.
  • In general, the brightness and color balance of the model I feel keeps the eyes moving over the whole thing decently, but helps to draw the eyes to Kraye himself.

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