Saturday, October 25, 2008


First, let me state that this is was an enlightening model for me. I primed this one white rather than black as I normally would with jacks and protectorate models. Then, about halfway through I looked at it and got quite frustrated. It was just not looking very good. In fact, I was having that same problem with the Vassal too. So I decide to just muscle through it and aim for tabletop quality. Well, an interesting thing happened. I also got more magnets in the mail the other day, so I decided to haul my remaining models up to my painting desk and glue magnets to them. The remaining models consisted of mostly some protectorate troops and all the protectorate jacks. After getting them up here, I set down my Revenger and came to a huge realization: My painting skills have really improved dramatically. You see, the Revenger (pictured below) was one of the very first models from Warmachine that I painted, and definitely the first jack I painted. I remember putting a lot of effort into it too, since I loved that jack. And today, sitting beside it, is the Redeemer that I rushed through and settled for "tabletop quality". Needless to say, I'm feeling pretty good about my painting skills now, and not going to beat myself up for the quality.

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