Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vassal of Menoth

The other day when I explained to my buddy that I still hadn't painted the Vassal, he looked at me quizzically and couldn't fathom how a model that was both quite cool and had awesome game stats hadn't moved to the top of my painting queue. It was a fair question. Admittedly I'd been a little burnt out on the Protectorate paint scheme lately and enjoying doing fresh stuff. However, I finally got crackin on this guy. I decide to take my time with him, since he was a small model. After some amount of struggle I managed to get rolling and suddenly it felt like my muse was back.

I tried to go for a fairly dramatic highlighting technique on this one. I also tried to balance the color around so that it draws the eyes back and forth. For example, the lower legs and the should armor and flesh all draw to each other. Similarly with the chains, mask and cloak, and again with the red cloth and hair. It's not very well done, admittedly, since I didn't force the color tones closer together, but that was the intention. I feel like it sort of works.

For the metals I tried using as much contrast as possible, particularly on the chains. I only really used Cold Steel, thinned Black, and Vallejo Metal Medium. I tried to keep a good solid defining line of black around the bits to make them stand out. I used this technique on the Testament before and really liked the results then. I spotted on some thinned down Vallejo Smoke to give it a slightly rusted and dirty look, but not enough to overpower the metal.

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