Saturday, November 14, 2009


Just under the wire! I've got a tournament at the LGS today and getting the Seraph painted was my goal so that I could once again be fully painted. I've been getting a lot friendly flack about having won the last tournament because of my one unpainted model, so this is my chance to show them that bare metal does not win tournaments. However, I have to admit, I'm fully expecting to get smoted this time around.

This guy was a bit of a rush job unfortunately, but also not quite as much fun to paint as I was hoping for. There are some subtle things about the sculpt that make it a little strange to paint. For example, the tips of the wings obviously want to be painted as claws (and are in the studio scheme), however the wing membrane is attached to said claws. I could have improvised something there, but in an effort to be done by today, I opted to just pass. I can always paint another one if I so desire.

What went well:
* The wings (aside from the membrane thing mentioned above) went much better than on eThagrosh. I'm actually pretty pleased with them overall.
* Skin shading worked out good again, with using the stark shading of Sanguine Base. I really like the look it creates.

What could have been better:
* Carapace just didn't work out. It's predominantly smooth, with little to no sculpted detail unfortunately.
* Mold lines on the head managed to escape my attention, so there's a couple of stupid spots as a result.

Hopefully this nasty cheating bugger helps bring me victory today! If nothing else, I'll feel less cheesy fielding him now that he's painted.

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Mike Howell said...

I like it. Painted stuff on the table doesn't have to be award winning to look fantastic. Definitely scrape that mold line and repaint though... those things drive me up the wall.