Monday, January 11, 2010

The Avatar of Menoth

I'm calling this one done. I did some final clean up work on various places where the blending was a extra rough, and some metal work had gotten away from me. To be blunt, it was hard to come back from a month away from painting and consider doing too much more work on it. The clean up work was plenty to tighten up some fine details though and overall I'm happy with the end result. After having this model in my backlog for so very long it feels great to wrap him up, and to finally close out my remaining unpainted Protectorate models.

I loved this project, from start to finish. It was very enjoyable to take the time and think through what I wanted to do and really make this model my own rather than just accept what I felt was a sub-par sculpt. The painting portion was also enjoyable, and the end result really didn't feel like it came together until it was nearly done. The final shading and highlighting really put that slightly more dark gothic feel to the overall tone and brought it more to where I wanted.

If I was going to do this project over again, there a few things I might change. First, I think the base could have been tighted up a bit more. I still like the concept, but I could probably have executed it better. Also the rods between the waist and torso could use some change, but I still haven't figured out what would have been better. Also I think the fine inlaid details of the metal sections could have been made to pop a little bit more. Probably there's other details, but off the top of my head that's really the main points.

Having fielded this guy just the other night under MKII, I can honestly say that my favorite thing about having done this project is to bring his sword in line with the new rules, specifically making it obviously have REACH! I've always loved the concept, art, and (small) story pieces around the Avatar. When I first fielded him though I was always disappointed at his performance for the point cost. That made it really hard to get excited about assembling and painting him. Now in MKII, he's a big pile of iron awesome and I'm very much looking forward to fielding him a bunch.


Vashim said...

Did you make the base or buy , looks awesome

Scott said...

I made it myself from Super Sculpey. I love that stuff for making rocks.