Sunday, January 10, 2010

An Unholy Alliance

Tonight I got to play in a 2-on-2 battle. It was 35 points per player, with 2 troll players versus my Protectorate and Lance's Cryx force. Don't ask how Protectorate and Cryx managed to form an alliance to team up against Cryx! There's no good reason. However the battle was very enjoyable, and in the end the unholy alliance came out victorious. I'm not going to do a normal battle report because, quite frankly, I can't recall everything that happened. However I'll give a rough summary.

The Troll force was lead by eDoomshaper and Borka, with a slew of beasts (Mulg, Mauler, Bouncer, Axer, 2 Impalers, and a Slag), along with Fennblades, Scattergunners, Long Riders, a Hero, a Fell Caller, a Chronicler, and Horthul (and probably something else I'm forgetting).

I brought Reznik, the Avatar, a Crusader, a Revenger, TFG (with attachment, Choir, Vassal, a Sunburst Crew, and the Covenant. My Cryx ally had Mortenebra, a Leviathan, a Reaper, a Stalker, Slaughterborn, 6 Mechanithralls with 3 Brutes, the Necrosurgeon, a Necrotech, and 10 Scrap Thralls.

The battle was an intriguing face off. The big focal point at the start was the potential face off between Mulg and the Avatar. Reznik putting Iron Aggression on the Avatar was pretty sweet I must say. Mulg ended up going down to a well placed Reaper drag and then a swarm of Mechanithralls and the Avatar. On the flip side, later in the game Borka single handedly took out the Avatar on a charge. Honestly this was a pretty close game up until a failed counter-attack by the Mauler on Reznik. Reznik's 14 def saved the day for him with the Mauler getting a number of unfortunate dice rolls. On average, I think the Mauler would have probably just barely killed him.

I have to say that I am seriously loving MKII. Protectorate is almost like a whole new army for me again, and I'm really looking forward to playing them more. The refined rules make the game smoother to play and easier to learn. LOS and formation are good examples of that. I'll definitely be happy when the card decks for Warmachine come out though because I am sick of using these print outs!

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