Thursday, January 21, 2010

eKreoss vs eButcher = OUCH!

Last night I tested out my 35pt eKreoss list (with a couple modifications) against an eButcher list. Everything was going well until he feated. Then the wheels came off the bus and suddenly poor Kreoss was getting cut down by a Spriggan! It was relatively close, and some poor positioning on my part is what really enabled the situation, but still I have to give props to my opponent for really managing to wriggle out of a tight situation. I had the Avatar holding the center, barely still alive after the Butcher tore into him pretty good, locking most of the board down with his holy gaze. However it wasn't enough to hold off the assault.

I swapped in Eiryss into my list and I have to admit I wasn't super impressed with her as an addition to the list. I think there's still some refinement to go on my remaining 5 pts. Part of the challenge last night was that the Khador list didn't possess any of the elements that my list is good at negating (spells), and its strengths were in areas that I'm still somewhat weak in (hard targets).

Sorry for the terrible picture (unfortunately), but it's better than nothing I suppose. Next up I'll be doing a series of posts on the Templar kit. I picked one up (despite my concerns around plastic models) and will do a series of posts about my experience with it from start to finish.

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Mike Howell said...

How could you have lost with a fully painted army?!!?

I've played my Menites against Khador more than any other army and I've never really had an answer to their heavy brutes. Tarpit with zealots, blind with Gorman, disrupt with Eiryss... nothing seems to work out as well in execution as in plan.