Tuesday, February 08, 2011

From the Desk: Musing About Mood

Continuing my trend of contemplative posts (due to a busy home life), I've been thinking about how to create an overall mood for a model. It's easy to say that I want to do this, but the actual execution is something I tend to fail at routinely. As I start to work out a scheme for my War Hog, I'm examining my own process of how I go about painting. I typically fall into a trap of having an army scheme and just painting to that with some slight variations. This pretty much excludes any concerted attempt at a holistic painting approach. But let's back up a bit and look at some examples of creating mood.

Yesterday a friend of mine forwarded me this link to a post on the PP forums. The paint job on this Adeptis Rahn is quite impressive. However it's not just the blending quality, basing, OSL execution, or color choices that do it. The overall mood is what makes it impressive. The whole piece gives an overall feeling of arcane power and darkness. The paint scheme really ties the whole thing together and draws the eyes to key places. It's easy to look at it as a completed work and see the whole composition, but staring at a primed piece of metal can make it hard to invoke the "mind's eye" and see that end state before it happens.

Of course, there are numerous other examples of this, not the least of which are Ramos and Tiriel by EricJ. Both of these are examples of dark mood, but there are plenty of others as well. I've found CMON to be a valuable resource for this by looking at some of the top rated models and artists and getting a better feeling for whether a model seems to exude a singular feeling or not.

So what do I take away from this in terms of my War Hog? Well, that's a tough question. As a model, the War Hog itself is a frankenstein of components and surfaces. Marrying them together into a single vision is going to be a challenge, and something I need to put decidedly more thought into. My first impulse is to create a mood of rage. Pure... animalistic... RAGE.


David said...

Poke-poke. Two weeks without an update. Stop slacking and pick up a brush.

*cracks whip*

Scott said...

Hehe, yeah, the last couple weeks were intense with visitors and real-life. Things are starting to clear up finally. New posts coming in the next couple days. :)