Sunday, February 06, 2011

From the Desk: Random Inspiration

Like most people, my life is a roller coaster. Sometimes I get a lot of time to paint, like 2 weeks ago. Other times I get almost none. I have house guests for the next month and this is cutting into my hobby time (rightfully so). My photo area has to be taken down whenever we have guests too, so anything I do manage to complete won't get posted until the end of the month.

On the flip side, I have come across various sources of inspiration, and one in particular I wanted to share was this thread from the BrushThralls forums. It's a showcase of a number of top-quality painted models from a variety of artists. I'll warn you though, this thread can potentially break your will to paint if not taken in context. I recommend keeping two things in mind while viewing it (and any other painting blogs for that matter):
1) The artists painting these models are doing them for painting competitions and pour many hours into them.
2) Instead of focusing on how well they are painted, look for ideas on color schemes, bases or even just little features that jump out (yeah Butcher, I'm looking at that base of yours).

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David said...

Interestingly, the base of the Butcher was inspired by Jen Haley's Haley, seen earlier up in that thread. The bases for the 'Jacks in my Caine battlegroup were also inspired by that base (as well as Caine's epic base, of course).