Monday, February 28, 2011

Tournament Report and Something More

So yesterday I was at a 25pt tier fight tournament at my LGS. The super quick summary is that I ended with 3 wins and 1 loss. And that 1 loss was because my opponent made his tough roll on Borka and my remaining attacks missed. The unfortunate part was that 1 loss was in the first round, so my 3-and-1 record didn't actually net me a 2nd place either. Anyway, there were 16 people there. The faction spread was quite interesting: 3 Legion, 2 Menoth, 1 Circle, 3 Trolls, 2 Mercs, 2 Cygnar and 3 Khador. The whole tournament was a pile of fun and everyone had a great time.

Ok, with that summary of the tournament out of the way, I'm going to do something different for the rest of the summary. I attempted to take pictures of several of the painted models at the tournament to showcase how there are some very dedicated painter/players at the LGS.

These trolls were painted by my buddy Mike. His new painting blog is here. I really like what he's done with the obsidian theme to his troll army.
It's a shame this picture didn't come out better. This chap's Gun Mages were really nice. The color scheme is really striking and the work on the browns in particular was quite nice.
These Troll wealps were painted by my buddy Lance, who also has a new painting blog here. He's started a new Troll army and painting them using a "magma" theme. He refers to these wealps as "briquettes".
These were Alan's new Rhulic force that he's been working on. I managed to snap this group shot because it was, unfortunately for him, his destroyed pile.
Another model by Lance, this Devastator is a cool example of an aged and damaged jack. For this tournament, Lance was loaning it out to Henry who is still assembling his Khador army.
Unfortunately I have to admit I didn't catch this fellow's name, but he had been working on his Cygnar jacks and this one really caught my eye.
Mahir's Nemo was definitely striking in color. This particular battle was an amusing "old man" fight between pNemo and pDoomshaper.
This shot was less about the models, and more about the situation. It was Khador on Khador and I was stunned at the scrum taking place. And yes, there was a wrecked Spriggan in the pile too. Go Karchev!
And finally this Woldwarden, who was about to deliver a might thump to eSeverius' noggin!
Ok, well that about wraps it up for me tonight. It was awesome to see so much dedication to painting at the tournament. But now, time to get some sleep. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to seal up Anyssa and post pictures.

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Shelexie said...

I liked the pics with action reports! Sounds like you guys had a great time =)