Thursday, January 19, 2012

From the Desk: Updates on Throne, Health and Misc

Three different topics tonight! First up, progress on the Legion battle engine. I got a fair amount of assembly done in the last couple days. Just now I finished drilling holes for pinning the tentacles. I gotta say, when they say use a dust mask, they mean it! I'm glad I heeded the warning. I was using the dremel, in the garage, with a dusk mask, and I'm still feeling like it wasn't entirely safe. The amount of very fine dust particles spewed out was pretty crazy. After having taken what some might be a rather liberal stance on paint toxicity, I'm going to go on record saying that being extra cautious with the resin kits is highly advisable. Inhaling the dust particles is seriously bad news. That stuff won't leave your lungs. I highly recommend the wet method for any cutting, filing or drilling, regardless of what tools you use.
Ok, warning past, I am happy with the amount of progress. There's going to be a lot of gap filling to do though, and certainly some final mold line cleanup. The kit overall is pretty good, but the mold lines on the tentacles gets a little out of control. I'm not so surprised though given how wild those things are.

Second update, my push to get this battle engine assembled is because our LGS' Domination event is this Saturday and I wanted to field it. I don't have any solid plan for how to use it, but I want to bring the giant beastie to the table at least once. It won't be painted, and might be missing a few final detail pieces, but it's going to make an appearance. I just need to come up with a good way to transport it...

Third and final, thanks to those that gave me feedback on the health article. I'm still running down some additional information so there will probably be more updates in the future.

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