Friday, March 23, 2012

Battle Report: eSeverius vs Strakov

Super quick battle report while I have a break to write it up.

Me: eSeverius, Reckoner, Blessing of Vengeance, Choir (4), TFG (10+UA), Covenant, Vassal, Nicea, Vessel of Judgement
Henry: Strakov, Black Ivan, Torch, Sylys, Black Dragons (6+UA), Koldun Lord, Drakhun, Mortar, eEiryss
Terrain: Random!
Scenario: Random! (Bunkers, no reinforcements)

The battle was pitched the whole way through. On one side of the table the Vessel, TFG, and Nicea faced off against the Black Dragons and Drakhun. In the middle, Torch and Ivan faced off against the Reckoner and Blessing. Although the scenario ended up being the deciding factor (due to a brave choir boy that gave his life to earn the first control point), it was a heavy battle of attrition.

* Severius buffing himself and charging into melee with Ivan to whack Eiryss
* Mortar with Sentry was lobbing many a deadly shot onto the TFG from the corner of a building
* Both casters were below 4 remaining boxes left by the end
* All 4 jacks were functional to the end
* The Covenant parking in a control zone to contest for a long time
* Strakov never got a good opportunity to use his feat

In the end, the assassination run on Severius just barely failed. On all average dice rolls it would have succeeded exactly on damage provided all the attacks hit, but it wasn't meant to be. At that point I was able to easily score a second control point and win the game.

Side notes:
I'm a huge fan of using the random battlefield generator and random SR2012 scenario generator together for casual games. Since I have an iPhone, they are both always available as well. Using both together makes for casual games that are always different. Random terrain is great because the choice to pick sides because valuable and it forces us to think more carefully about how to use the terrain. Random scenarios of course just bring more depth to the game than simple caster kill. All of this together I feel really makes the casual games dramatically more fun and further helps to keep the game fresh.

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