Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Battle Report: Sparkle vs cRoxors

Because of the proliferation of great battle reports out there (especially Chain Attack), I've generally gotten away from doing battle reports unless there's something specific to the game that I feel is worthy of blogging. This game however was amusing for a number of reasons. What follows is a somewhat disjointed battle report, more in the form of scattered notes. Oh, and to all you Retribution players out there, just take it all in good spirit.

Battle: Sparkle (Lance) vs Gators (me), 15pts
Mission: Restoration
Sparkle: Kaelyssa, Daemon, 5 Destors, Mage Hunter Assassin
Gators (tier 1): Maelok, Swamp Horror, Bull Snapper, Gatorman Posse (3), Witch Doctor, Croak Hunter
It's important to note that both lists were based on what we had painted. Not actually optimized lists at all. This is especially true of Lance's Sparkle list. There are obviously more optimized choices at 15pts.

Battle Notes:
* Destors are just not equipped to deal with Gator Posses. With Death Pact on them, the Destors were at -8 to damage against them at best.
* Maelok with no armor buffs however can take a fair amount of damage from a hail of pow 10 gunfire if dice run hot.
* Gators really have trouble hitting hard enough to take down jacks. A Swamp Horror in particular is simply unable to do that.
* The scenario objectives (which can be activated and heal nearby models) really came into play in this game. I think Maelok and other gators probably healed 25+ points of damage across all the models.
* The killing blow on Kaelyssa was dealt by the Croak Hunter!

Quotes from the battle:
* This is so bad! (after a hail of pow 10 ranged attacks barely scratches my 3 posse members)
* The reason Venethrax looks so badass is I've been reading these cards.
* Retribution is so EMO they don't kill you, they just hand you the knife.
* This makes my Gators feel like a real faction!

Project Sparkle:
Here's a shot of Lance's Project Sparkle army at its first 15pts. He used iridescent paints on them which gives them a multi-colored sheen to them. It's definitely a nice touch on top of the studio color scheme. The Scribr bases for Kaelyssa and the Assassin were really nice touches as well.

War Room: As a side note, we tried out using War Room (iOS version) for this battle. The good side is that it does support the features needed (tracking/viewing damage and cards for both sides). And even when we swapped out from the app to take pictures, we were able to re-join the game and keep going. The down side? Well, there were some places where it just hung and crashed and some other things. Also trying to add just a single point of damage on solos is tedious. And in general, it's a bit slow when switching between certain things it takes a while. Overall, probably not going to be using it for games in the future.

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