Friday, September 07, 2012

Musing on Gators

Now that I've gotten several games in with Gators and completed painting my current collection, I thought it would be a good time to look back on the experience and philosophize about where to go from here...

Fun: I am having a blast with gators. They are fun to paint and fun to play. They may not be a full fledged faction, but I feel like I can mostly compete and have a good handle on their strengths and weaknesses. And for painting I find them to go relatively fast and have just the right amount of detail for my tastes. I can see myself continuing to play them for quite some time.

Time Spent: At a blisteringly slow pace (9 months) I painted the 18 models. That didn't count the other stuff I did at the same time, nor the models I'd had previously to starting Gators that will work for them. It's a terribly slow pace, but in the context of what was going on in my life, I can't really complain. The net result is 58 points and 3 warlocks.

My Battle Record: At this point I've gotten 10 games in with them (that I can recall) at various point levels. I tried to recall all the battles and this is what I came up with:
* Calaban: 2 wins (eHexeris, Mordikaar), 4 losses (eMorghoul, eMakeda, eHaley, Vlad).
* Barnabas: 2 wins (Zerkova, Harkovich), 0 losses.
* Maelok: 2 wins (Kaelyssa, Morghoul), 0 losses.

Where to go from here: So what more would I potentially add to this collection? Well I started thinking through this and prioritizing what I would get next and here was my list...
1) Pendrake
2) 2nd Ironback
3) Second Posse
4) 2nd Croak Hunter
5) Bone Grinders
6) Bog Trogs

And that concludes my musings about Gators. I'm taking a break from painting anything for them so that I can close out some of my other unpainted models, particularly getting caught up on Legion. But who knows! My Gatorlust may get a stranglehold on me and I'll start filling in those items. Or perhaps the Gargantuans book will yield unexpected treasures for Gators that I just won't be able to resist.

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