Sunday, December 16, 2012

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #19

Not a lot to report this week. Fewer projects has made for less scattered results.

First up is the progress on the Judicator. I've finished assembling everything that's going to get put together prior to priming and airbrushing. It's just too big and complex to fully assemble, despite my normal preference. I found a great step-by-step Judicator report that was actually a handy reference. The author used an airbrush and opted to keep some parts separate as well. I've chosen slightly different arrangements of what to put together and what to assemble, but it's fairly similar.

Something else to note is that I got a resin base to put it on. I've already pre-drilled holes for pinning the feet down as well. It's a resin base by Secret Weapon which I thought was a really good thematic fit for the Protectorate. It also just happened to be a really nice fit for the feet as well. I did have to make a slight modification to build up a spot for the left heel to rest on just to avoid it looking like the foot is hovering.

And no progress shot of the Throne since it actually got done just this morning. I will however share a photo from the moment of realization where I find that it's too tall to fit into my case with the existing arrangement of shelves. I had to raise the upper shelf by a notch to gain about 1/4" of clearance, but now that upper shelf is even tighter for getting my hand in there. In any case, it's a nice problem to have so many painted models.

And that's it. Likely no weekend posts from me for the next 3 weeks as I'll be on vacation. I'll try to get a post for the Throne up tomorrow. And now I need to rush off to get a game in tonight before I pass out from exhaustion!

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