Monday, December 17, 2012

Throne of Everblight

It's done! This massive tentacled monster was a crazy beast to paint. It really does make a nice centerpiece to the army though (at least until the Archangel comes out). The model is huge though (8.5" tall) and pushed the limits of my lightbox. The main photo here is fine, but all the fancy pics below expose the problems. Anyway on to the analysis.

What went well:
* Starting with the airbrush to get metals base coats done first was a huge jump start.
* Getting base coats done before trying to finish any particular section entirely.
* Not getting too fancy helped keep me on task.
* Painting the sorceress separately made both parts far more manageable.

What could have been better:
* The cast of the tentacles had horrible mold lines. I mean horrible. Cleaning them up wasn't even much of an option. I did my best to hide them with paint but a few places are still pretty terrible.
* A bit better color balance overall would probably have helped.
* Simply more attention to the entire thing. About the only part that I don't feel I could have used more time is the tongue.

And here's a bunch of Lytro pics of the Throne using my new camera!


Vladdd309 said...

Great work! Just in time for the Archangel!

Robin Fitton said...

I think the model paint job is amazing. That pink works really well. Not so impressed with the base though. I think a dry brushed sand with small chunks of rubble and spot static grass, rather than just a big green carpet would really improve the whole model.