Sunday, December 02, 2012

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #17

Roundup time, and it's late, and I'm sleep deprived, so this is warp speed.

First is the big progress on the Throne. I was originally going to do the main flesh first, but then I realized the metal sections would take forever so I decided to take a different path. I got out the airbrush and in 2 sessions of probably 20 minutes each (counting set up and tear down for each session), I undercoated black and then base coated metal. Talk about fast. The fiddly armor sections are so tedious to paint with a brush, but with the airbrush they went super fast. And holy smokes do I love my Steenbeck Infinity airbrush. So easy to use and so very very fast to clean. Absolutely worth the money I spent on it. I also spent a little time just fiddling around with it and getting more comfortable with the controls and accuracy.

Speaking of the airbrush, I'm becoming very fond of using the Golden Fluid Acrylic paints with it. I can just squirt in some paint, squirt in some of my magic airbrush formula, and I'm off to the races. And the GFA paints are nice and smooth and have yet to cause a serious clog for me. I'm seriously thinking of investing in more shades. I've definitely had better luck with them than the P3 paints when it comes to the airbrush.

Also the Sorceress for the Throne is nearly done at this point. I'm waiting to do final work on her until after I permanently mount her on the Throne itself.

I also finished the Shepherd this week but she made it to the gallery already so no pics there. Plus there was a ton of assembly prep work. I trimmed most of the Judicator pieces so that is ready for assembly to start now. I also got a tad more work on assembling the Extreme Carnivean, but nothing really worth showing there.

Given that I'm going to be on vacation in a couple more weeks, the next couple roundup sessions will be the push to finish the Throne and Judicator before heading out.


Anonymous said...

What's the magic airbrush formula?! I gotta know!!

Jani Hyvärinen said...

Me too! :)

Scott said...

Nothing particularly earth shattering actually. I get 90% rubbing alcohol and mix that with purified water at a roughly 10:1 ratio. That becomes both my thinning and cleaning solution. The alcohol helps reduce drying time as well as helping break down the paint/pigment in the airbrush during cleaning.

I then use that with the GFA paints, mixing them in the paint well of the airbrush at about 1:1 ratio. GFA paints are thinner than most other lines of paint that I use (P3/GW/VMC). I just put both straight into the well and then use the "cover the nozzle and spray" method to back up the flow of air into the well and mix the two together.

Jani Hyvärinen said...

Intereating method of mixing the paint. First time Ive heard backflushing being used here. Are you covering the well to prevent splattering?

Scott said...

As long as I limit the air flow it doesn't splatter too much. I'm also using the larger well so it's not quite as likely to splatter.

If you try that method, just be very careful of the needle.