Tuesday, January 07, 2014


First model of 2014 completed! This was a fun project. More fun that I expected actually. At first I was pretty intimidated by this model cause of the sculpt but it turned out to work well for me.

What went well:
* Having a plan before starting was key on this model. I went with something close to the studio scheme, but I adapted the particular areas to painting techniques that I've already used.
* Pushing contrast a bit further than normal helped the overall look I think. The lighting is perhaps not realistic, but I like the pop of the overall look.
* Controlled sealing was key here as well. I glosscoated the entire thing, but I only sprayed dullcoat on the front. This kept the back side more juicy looking.
* Generally embracing the joy of this model kept me happy with my progress. The skin got worked over a number of times before I finally was happy enough to call it quits, but I never was frustrated. I even took the time to do a couple glazing coats to help smooth the look.
* Working with 3 different palettes gave me way more flexibility. For this project I used the wet palette, the ceramic palette, and the plasticard palette. Literally I used all 3, and in all cases for different purposes. I am really loving working this way.

What could have been better:
* Still had a bit of a chalky look to the flesh. Can't figure out why this time.
* The wet palette is still not tuned in well for me. I'll need to keep practicing at prepping it correctly.
* Painting the eyes as glowing instead of proper eyes was sort of a cop out for me. I should have manned up on that part.

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Sofie Vandersmissen said...

I love how you painted this model especially the back of the model. It looks so real, so bloody!

Greetings, Sofie