Sunday, January 12, 2014

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #46

Catching up on a couple missed roundups this time.

So a lot has happened across my desk since the last time I did a weekend roundup. I finished 4 models, 2 of which were pretty major. I also managed to re-base Teddy onto a Nightmare-style base (sorry, no picture here). I'm also working on re-basing the Primordial Magic to a plain base to represent his non-particular status. Once I do both I'll post a picture in a weekend roundup.

The last week though was extremely busy for me. I spent the whole time with my brushes in the racks while I did a bunch of assembly work. Pictured here was all the stuff I got assembled and primed just tonight. Of course it turned into a mess cause my low-grade airbrush managed to get a massive clog and cause problems. Here's the complete list of stuff that's now awaiting painting time: Lilith, Cherub, 6 Terror Tots, 4 Young Nephilim, 2 Mature Nephilim, Barbaros, 2 Stingers, and 3 Scather Crew members. I still need to prime the Scather catapult itself, but that'll be done with black. Doing this much at once was sort of an economy of scale but the priming step was a pain. I have to admit though, I am now in love with the Wyrd plastic models. Their plastics are so easy to work with.

So what else has been going on? I made a pile of blanks for building Malifaux bases. And then I also made another upgrade to my Malifaux travel case (sort of pictured here). I got a SnapWare case for craft materials and (after cutting down a piece of sheet metal) and used some adhesive strips to put a metal plate on the bottom of the layer of case. This makes a great and compact case for carrying Malifaux stuff. I've got 2 layers (one for larger models and a second for smaller) and then an additional layer specifically for carrying all the extra stuff like cards, tape measure, tokens, etc. So compact and easy for Malifaux. If people want to see pictures I'll post some, but it isn't particularly amazing to see.

And one last random detail: I replaced my coaster! My old nasty coaster, pictured here, was disgusting. I got this new rubber and steel coaster which I just love. It works great even when my pint glasses of ice water are sweating all over them.

And that's it! Hopefully I won't miss updates as much for the next few weeks.

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