Sunday, January 26, 2014

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #47

If I wasn't trying to at least do these weekend roundups, my blog would have nearly starved to death.

Lots of random notes this time for the last couple weeks of work.
So first up is a quick shot of painting projects that are in progress. 3 of the Terror Tots are done, 3 more along with the Cherub are barely started, and Lilith is about 90% done. I've sort of been struggling with her. Parts of her I really like, and other parts feel just enough off that she seems distorted somehow. I can't pin my finger on it, so if anyone out there has any insights, feel free to share them. In general I'm going to call her good though once I refine the metals and clean up the grey straps.

Built out my portable painting kit! That was yesterday's post. Looking forward to using it this week hopefully.

I spent a bunch of time getting more base work ready for the Lilith crew. I realized this last week that I would just barely have enough 30mm blanks for obsidian pillar bases so I baked an even dozen more. Then I spent time getting a 2-level base made for Lilith and 7 more 30mm bases carved for the Terror Tots and Cherub. I have to say that this third type of Neverborn base in my obsidian pillar theme is by far the most labor intensive. The Nightmare ones are the easiest, and the Woe ones are somewhere in the middle. But carving the cracks in the top of these Nephilim pillars is definitely the most time consuming. At least I have these first 8 done. I've also got blanks ready for the 4 Young Nephilim, 2 Mature Nephilim, and Barbaros. I may try to put together a miniature kit for carving them and bring it to work with me to work on during lunch breaks if possible.

I also made a 2-level Nightmare base for the Dreamer, who I absent-mindedly based on a single level base. This rounds out the remaining re-basing work that I needed to do, so I figured I'd put together a group shot of all 4 that got re-based. Amazingly it wasn't that big of a deal to pull the pinned models off of the bases, mostly cause I think they were all metal.

Other quick notes... I'm totally failing to do my "painting practices" still. Been crunched on hobby time and just more focused on getting Malifaux models painted despite the clear value of doing the practices. In that vein though, I put together a plan for everything I want to get painted before Lock & Load this year and it amounts to a minimum of 42 models which is going to keep me very busy during the next 4 months, especially since a few of those will be competition entries.

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