Monday, February 03, 2014

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #48

My productivity has taken a hit due to Breaking Bad. I need to finish shotgunning down all the episodes quickly.

My desk is a bit of a train wreck right now. I've been dabbling around with my efforts and haven't actually finished anything. It's different than my normal process and for some reason I can't figure out why my muse is touring me around like this. There must be a reason but I have no clue what it is.

As you can see from the picture, my desk is populated with the start of my Lilith crew (Lilith, 6 Terror Tots, and a Cherub) which are nearly done. Bases are ready and the models are sealed. I just need to attach them and do final metal highlights.
I've also started the second wave of that crew (4 Young Nephilim and Barbaros) with base coats for their skin.
I also carved and started painting the bases for the second and third waves of the Lilith crew (5 medium bases and 2 large bases).
And finally I've also got base coats started on the Scather crew.

This last week we also had painting night! It was a blast and I think all 3 of us had a great time and got something out of it. Henry was stoked to have finished his Nicodem model. Lance took advantage of the slot to get feedback on his various Convergence sample metal tests. And I used the time to get a bunch of work done on the Cherub as well as demo two-brush blending for both of them, hence the start on the Scather crew members.
My portable painting kit worked out great as well. I don't really think that it needs major changes. I'll just be challenged when I start bringing project that need more colors to work from.
I can honestly say that I think all 3 of us are looking forward to doing this on a monthly basis. It was also fun to close out the evening with a couple games of King of Tokyo.

And that's it for last week! I expect this coming week to result in several things getting finished and lots of progress on the Young Nephilim. That is assuming I don't get too distracted watching Breaking Bad while painting.

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