Friday, February 21, 2014


And here's Lilith, mother of monsters. I have to admit a certain amount of dissatisfaction with this paint job. I struggled quite a bit with this model for some reason. I think part of it was too thick of a primer coat. But still, lots of struggle. However some things went well. In any case, I'm really looking forward to rolling her out.

What went well:
* Challenging myself to paint her eyes to a higher quality than my normal. I feel like I succeeded here. Her eyes aren't amazing, but I feel like I did better than my usual. This was an important goal for me as I'm aiming at having a good entry for the Lock & Load painting competition this year and will need to be able to paint faces and eyes well.
* Metals went well. My process is getting better and I really like the contrast on the metals overall.
* Overall color composition. I wanted the boots to balance out the large sword, and then the various straps help balance out her flesh. This elements were key for me to try to balance given the striking red/blue core combination that I wanted to use.
What could have been better:
* No good color tie-in to the Nephilim. Oh well.
* Face just seems "off". Lots of anecdotal ways to explain it, but when working on it I just never could find a way to correct it without starting from scratch.
* Smaller metals are a bit rough, and I wish the tinting was a bit stronger. Just couldn't pull it off as well as I'd like, but still getting better.
* Totally failed to paint the lacing on the back of her jacket. Superfail.
* Perhaps I will end up painting a second one eventually.

Ok, and that's it. I'm still slamming through updates and there's more to go.

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