Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Terror Tots (metal)

These little guys were like popcorn for me. I think I spent almost as much time getting the bases made and painted as I did on these. They are so tiny. These were actually the very first of my Nephilim paint scheme that I painted. It was sort of a leap of faith that it would work out ok, but in the end I'm quite happy with the result.

These particular sculpts are not terrible given their size. They were a little tricky to get together since they are so small. I certainly learned a lesson here about drilling pin holes into the feet before doing all the assembly and painting. That's something I'm going to make sure to do for all metal models going forward.

What went well:
* Using small models to test out a new color scheme so it's a smaller investment.
* Using color in a different way to reduce the need for smoother blending.

What could have been better:
* More contrast on metals.

Really not much to say on these. I've got a bunch more Nephilim to post and others that are in progress. Once I wrap up all the Tots/Young/Mature Nephilim, I'll do a post about the color scheme itself if people are interested.

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