Sunday, February 09, 2014

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #49

This will be a fast and sloppy post cause it's late and I think I've caught the flu.

Made significant headway on the next batch of Nephilim. Pictured here are Barbaros and 4 Young Nephilim. Their skin is essentially done and I've base coated the sashes. Painting all 5 feels a lot like painting a unit. I'm trying to assembly line them however at some point I'll probably pull out Barbaros and go the extra mile on him specifically. In the mean time, there's still a lot of work to do. The wings in particular will probably cause me fits. But getting this far has definitely given me a good head of steam to keep moving forward.

And here are the Scather crew members. After getting a start on the first one at last week's painting hang out, I got inspired to knock out their robes real fast. Two-brush blending really does accelerate work on larger surfaces like robes. I was swapping back and forth between these guys and the Nephilim to keep progress moving. However once I got the robes done it was easy to just keep working through them.

And I also primed, base coated and washed the Scather itself.

And finally I got bases done for the Nephilim, including 2 large for the Mature Nephilim once I get them started. This was actually a far more amount of work that I had planned for this week.

And that's it. Busy week, but still lots of work to go on the Lilith crew. I still need to post up pictures of the stuff that is done which I'll try to do this week.

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