Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Young Nephilim (plastic)

Let me start by just saying that I love these sculpts, particularly the one in sort of a leap/run pose (on the right). I've had a pretty mixed experience with plastic models before but these are some of my favorite thus far. I really enjoyed painting them. The one carrying the head was a little more challenging to work with due to the tight spaces and awkward posing. I left off the small piece of guts that would normally be attached only to avoid creating more of a basing conflict situation.

What went well:
* Enjoying the sculpts counts for a lot. I could easily see myself painting another one of these just for fun. Maybe even for a competition.
* The wings aren't amazing or anything, but I like how they turned out. They work with the base to help frame the entire visual look of the models.

What could have been better:
* The red sashes sort of jump out oddly. Particularly in the pictures. I think it's cause of the broader use of color for the skin and dramatically less so for the red sash.
* The spines (or whatever) on the wings are sort of odd for me. I tried to create as much visual separation of them from the wings as I could, but I just don't feel like I pulled it off well.
* Little details could have gotten more attention to really make them stand out, but I'm in a full court press to get my Lilith crew on the table so I cut a few corners.

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