Saturday, February 22, 2014


Continuing to roll out the backlog of finished stuff with the Cherub. This model was sort of half success and half failure for me.

What went well:
* Skin tones worked out well for him. I think he really evokes the dark energy feel I was going for.
* Using a pin to attach him to the base was certainly better than what I assume the standard method is supposed to be, which is gluing the tails of his wings to the base. Ick! This is much more stable.
* Despite a pose that is a bit confusing, I feel like I kept the focus of the model appropriate to the action it looks like he's supposed to be taking.

What could have been better:
* Not a fan of the wings. I tried. I failed. They don't look horrible, but I really don't feel like I accomplished my goal of making them seem glowing from within.
* Not a fan of the pin for flying models. It's always a challenge. I need transparent aluminum instead!
* Bow and loincloth both could have been better executed, but then again, those aren't my main focus of the model.

Ok, and done. On to more projects!

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