Monday, March 23, 2015

Why There Needs To Be A Proper Warmachine Annual

At first I was excited, but then I realized that the new Forces of Distinction "book" was woefully lacking things that I wish were in it. I honestly hope someone at Privateer reads this post and at least puts some thought into it. There's so many other things that could have easily gone into this book that would make me definitely pay for it. Especially a physical copy. Here's my (rather blunt) thoughts:
  • Theme Forces - Yes, the NQ ones are includes, but updates to existing ones could be made as well. I mean seriously, there are some insane theme forces out there that just don't make sense or else are not viable at the 35pt level.
  • Theme Force Cards - Include cards for all the theme forces for people to bring with them. Yes, Warroom is a fine reference for that, but for all of us that play with the physical cards (almost everyone), it would be nice to have official cards for our tier lists as a reference during a tournament.
  • Steamroller - Just include the latest version of the Steamroller format. The whole thing. Just for convenience.
  • Steamroller Cards - Include cards for the latest version of the Steamroller format. The scenarios and objectives both. It would sure be handy.
  • Updated Cards - For those models that have been received errata in the last year. Again, Warroom is a nice way to confirm the latest updates, but physical cards would be great.
  • Special Tournament Formats - Who's the Boss! Spell Draft! Foodmachine! It would be nice to have copies of these formats for LGS tournament options.
  • Special Scenarios - A collection of scenarios to play, such as those that were made available at Lock & Load. This could also include a campaign format which I know my LGS has been experimenting with on its own.
  • Stickers - SERIOUSLY! Where are my damn Warmachine stickers?!?! I want stickers to put on everything. My laptop for work. My car. My phone. My kid. Everything! Include a bunch in the annual. Put them in blister packs too while you're at it!
I'm sure other people have had these thoughts, and I sure hope Privateer has and that there's good reasons they did not include this type of stuff. At least they included fiction in there!

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