Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Battle Report: Haley3 vs Zerkova1

My list: Haley3, Thorn, Lancer, Sylys, Jakes, Dynamo, Journeyman, Stormclad, Silverlines (10), Harlan.

My opponent fielded: Zerkova1, Sylys, Decimator, Devastator, Spriggan, Drakhun (with dismount), Greylord Ternion, Black Dragons (10+UA), Widowmakers, Eiryss2.

We skipped using a scenario and just went for old fashioned assassination. I lost initiative and Henry opted to choose table sides so that I didn't get a key piece of terrain for standing on a shooting from. The battle rushed into the center with me doing a lot of just trying to hold him at bay while I set up my ranged game. Rather than try to describe the middle of the game, I'll jump to the end. Zerkova was on a hill and a wall of jacks and black dragons was in front of her. I activated Haley's unit, arc'd Domination at the Spriggan and moved it around right in front of Zerkova and took a swing (missing). Then I moved Past Haley into range of Thorn and Future Haley into shooting range of Zerkova. Past Haley cast Force Hammer and slammed the Spriggan over Zerkova to knock her down. Then future Haley zapped Zerkova 3 times and put her in the dirt.

Lessons learned: Haley3 is very interesting to play. Very complex though. Because all 3 models activate as a unit, it forces some order of activation challenges in terms of getting things done. It's going to take a lot more practice with her to feel at all competent. There's a log of challenges in using Haley3. The past/future copies are only Focus 4 which makes it hard for them to hit with spells. Prime Haley is commonly expending 7 focus every round so it's leaving her focus starved most of the game. The first round of advancing and getting past/future haley out is a real strain. I will say that I had a real blast playing her though and I'm looking forward to more games with her.

Games this year: 30

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