Saturday, June 13, 2015

Cygnar: One Year Later

Almost exactly 1 year ago today I embarked on adding Cygnar to my stable of models. At the time I don't think I realized how much I was going to leap into Cygnar. Looking back at it now though, I'm glad I took the plunge.

So how did I really get into Cygnar? Well a lot of it has to do with my two good friends, Lance and Henry, who got me a number of models for birthdays and Christmas. That list includes a Stormwall, a Storm Strider, Stryker3, a Hunter, Eiryss2, and Tempest Blazers.

I have absolutely been loving both painting and playing Cygnar. I love having a quick paint scheme that I can slam out army painting for. I also love playing Cygnar because it suits my play style of having good ranged pressure options and a variety of tools in my toolbox. I'm a big fan of the "water" theory of battle and not going into a game with a "playbook" to execute on. Instead I've been building my Cygnar armies using a "fire team" sort of style list building.

So how much have I painted in the last year? I painted 101 models covering 280 points and 8 warcasters. In addition I painted a few mercs specifically for this army, including Arcanist Core, Harlan, and Sylys. It's sort of amazing how much I got done. I also re-based one unit of Gun Mages and both of my Gun Mage Captains.

And what's next? Well my remaining horde of Cygnar models is as follows: another unit of Gun Mages + UA, Kraye, Sloan, Siege, Stryker3, Nemo3, Haley3 (which I'm painting now), Murdoch, a Cyclone, an Avenger, and another unit of Stormguard.

And I'm still looking to add more. Specifically I want the Storm Lances and Laddermore (cause Soles showed me that cavalry is totally a thing). I'd also like the Black 13th, although I'm hoping they do a re-sculpt of them eventually. I would also like to obviously add the Hurricane when it comes out.

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