Friday, June 12, 2015

Lock and Load Recap

Back from Lock & Load and finally doing a quick recap. This time in ACHIEVEMENT format!

Soled Out - Play a game with Jason Soles. I almost won, until he crushed me. It was awesome. I played Sturgis and he played Kreoss3. I have new respect for cavalry. And Jason is a class act of a guy.

What were you thinking? - Ask Jason Soles about Grotesques. Yeah, totally asked him. Can't quote him though. But it was an interesting conversation in general about models in the game that exit play-testing in a state that still feels incomplete.

Measured Connection - Give something to Jason Soles. I gave my spare tape measure to Jason Soles. His old one broke during his 15 hour Unbound game the night before. I have therein creating an awesomeness link to him. It's sort of like an arcnode for awesomeness.

Unbound - Play a game of Unbound. This was my biggest goal for the trip. I played it against a PP staffer, Bryan (sorry I forget your last name). It lasted a mere 9 hours. Bryan's dice were terrible, but he still managed to grind me down eventually. By hour 8, we were both running out of juice and started making tactical errors. Bryan just made far fewer of them. He played Durst, Feora1, and Vindictus against my Haley1, Nemo2 and Sturgis list. It was a major highlight of the trip for me.

Time for sleep in the grave - Not sleep enough but muscle through. So yeah, pretty obvious. I think I averaged 5 hours of sleep each night which is still a lot given the situation. I think I honestly found just the right balance of sleep and pushing myself.

Been there, done that - Play 5 new games. I tried out all 3 Level 7 games, High Command, and Bodgermania, all for the first time. I have to say, I kinda liked High Command and Level 7 Omega Protocol. Might pick one of those up. We played Omega Protocol with one of the staff guys who actually did graphic design for it, and with assistance from the staffer that designed it. Sorry again for forgetting names. Those guys were a blast and definitely improved the enjoyment of the games.

Getting the band back together - Played games with everyone from our crew. There were 4 guys that were a part of our crew that all went and I managed to sneak in games with all 4 of them which was fantastic.

Chillax - Take the year off from painting competitions. I'm so glad I did this. Taking the year off from competitive painting and the consternation it causes me was really rejuvenating. I have to say that showing up to Unbound with a whole fresh painted army was awesome and I feel great about how much army painting I did this last year.

Starstruck - Chat casually one on one with Matt DiPietro. Such a good chat with him. Talked about painting processes (rather than techniques), Crystal Brush, artistic vs technical judging, comparison of studio vs his personal style, and just general chit chat. I always enjoy talking with Matt and find him to be such a humble and talented artist. My only regret here is that I would have loved to spend far more time with him.

Shut up and take my money - Get awesome stuff at the store. I got the Hordes 10th anniversary box, the Haley3 box, Shredder plushies, pins, and art prints. Lots of awesome stuff. Totally blew out my hobby budget badly. All of it is super cool. Perhaps my favorite though is the "Perfect 10" print, signed by Matt Wilson. Such a glorious piece of art. I'm now racing to get Haley3 ready before our next normal game night at the LGS just to taunt the big Cygnar player there with her.

Ninja! - Ninja shop for a friend. I totally ninja shopped and mailed Durst and Scout models for my buddy Mike. You're welcome bud!

Whew! That was close - Drink plenty but not get myself into trouble. I think this year I managed to not get myself completely wasted and be overly loud and obnoxious. Unlike last year. Honestly though, who would have noticed?

And that's it! LNL2015 is in the bag and I had an amazing time! I'm already looking forward to next year!

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