Tuesday, August 11, 2015


These are my first finished DZC (Dropzone Commander) models I've finished! Painting the 10mm scale is a real challenge I have to say. I really wanted to paint these to a higher quality but honestly it's pretty tricky to work with them for a number of reasons. Since I haven't done one of these in a long time, I'm going to take the time to do a proper painting analysis.

What worked well:
* Having a plan - If I learned one thing from my Cygnar army, it's that having a plan before starting an army is a massive help. I spent a fair amount of time before starting to have a plan, and especially experimenting on test models.
* Using the airbrush - I'm getting more and more comfortable with it, and especially at diagnosing problems along the way. Using it here to create the boxed pattern was both fun and fairly unique.
* Not going too crazy - I wanted to try using techniques I don't normally do and this definitely worked out well, but I didn't push too far out beyond what I already know.
* Using custom printed decals - Again, something new for me, and it went pretty well. I'm glad I used them to do the designations on them. The medium has certain limitations due to how they work so using black lettering sort of aimed my paint scheme towards a lighter base tone.

What could have been better:
* Spending more time - I could have easily spent way more time painting these, but honestly, painting at this scale is just really challenging for me still.
* No base - Seriously! No base?? You've got to be kidding me. I rubbed so much paint off while handling them during the painting process.
* Gloss but no matte - I sealed with only gloss and no additional matte coat. It makes them shiny which I'm not super happy with, but I sort of had to keep it that way to preserve the armored look.

There's more coming. My goal is to get most of my army painted in short order and then get back to WM/H. I've got a wide variety of types and sizes of models for DZC to paint so this will definitely be a learning experience. It's a refreshing break though.

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