Saturday, November 07, 2015

Battle Report: Haley1 vs Grim1

No picture. Was just shocked to actually get a game in again.

My list: Haley1, Avenger, Sentinel, Squire, Journeyman, Gun Mage Captain Adept, Horgenhold Forge Guard (10), Murdoch, Rutger Shaw, Nomad, Tarin.

My opponent: Grim1, Bomber, Impaler, Slag, Fennblades (10+UA), Long Riders (3), Fell Caller Hero.

No scenario. Just killbox assassination. We hadn't played for so long that we just wanted to get a "training wheels" game in. The game was pretty much dictated by Haley standing on a hill and repeatedly casting Temporal Barrier in order to either prevent chargers or gain shooting bonuses. There were plenty of mistakes on both sides during the game. I also had a round of exceptional rolling where things like the Gun Mage Captain managed to shoot a Long Rider dead with a single shot. In the end, Grim made a somewhat low-odds run at Haley and if it hadn't been for a specific missed shot, would have pulled it off. However in the end I was able to just keep the pressure on during the attrition game and grind it out.

Lessons learned: Having not played for so long was helpful for remembering that my early game is terrible, but my mid and late game play is substantially better. I also really enjoyed playing Forge Guard with Murdoch attached and having Arcane Shield on them with Temporal Barrier available to give them cover on the way in. I'm really hoping to start getting more games in before the end of the year.

Games this year: 32

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