Saturday, November 14, 2015

DZC: Callsigns for PHR Models

Just a quick note for myself mostly on how I'm doing the callsign assignments for my PHR models.

I had originally thought of this great plan of having very clearly set up callsign scheme where I'd paint transports and ground units assigned together in a permanent way. Then I realized that it would become quickly unworkable, so now I've got myself in sort of a hodgepodge situation with the callsigns. So this post is really just me making an assessment of what's already assigned a callsign and what still needs one so that I can have a plan for the remaining ones that doesn't end up in some sort of overlap or clear disaster.

Status Models Callsigns
Assigned Poseiden F1-P1
Neptunes (4) A1-N1, B1-N1, C1-N1, C2-N2
Triton A1 (2) E1-T11, E2-T12
Triton A2 (2) D1-T21, D2-T22
Hades F1-H1
Juno A1 (4) C1-J11, C1-J12, C2-J13, C2-J14
Zeus (2) A1-Z1, A1-Z2
Phobos (2) B3-PH1, B3-PH2
Ares (4) B1-AR1, B1-AR2, B2-AR3, B2-AR4
Helios (2) B5-HE1, B5-HE2
Immortals (8) By color: red, blue, purple, blue
Sirens (4) By color: purple, blue
Unassigned Neptune (2) G1-N1
Triton A2 (2)
Phobos (2) B4-PH3, B4-PH4
Odin (2)
Enyo (2)

This game has a bit of a frustration factor in that the assignment of transports to units is so strict. The idea of having a really nice cohesive color/callsign scheme would please me to no end, except for the fact that I'd have to paint a lot of extra transports in order to make it work properly. If this was my only game, I'd very likely do that. But with other miniatures games in the mix, there's no way I'm devoting that much of my time and budget just to have a really kick ass army for DZC. C'est la vie!

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