Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Feedback Requested

I'm explicitly reaching out to any remaining readers I have out there. Recently I've been debating whether to keep this blog updated so much. A few months ago I posted about having been maintaining this blog for 10 years. Well now I find myself in a situation where I'm using other means like Twitter and Instagram to share my completed works. Although this blog is somewhat helpful from a "documentation" point of view, I'm starting to debate the value in keeping it. So I'd like to solicit opinions. Maybe I should be using Facebook instead? Maybe there's some magical app or tool that makes it easier to cross-post to multiple things at once? Maybe I shouldn't even bother with some of these? I'm honestly curious to hear other ideas.


JPChapleau said...

I read you here only.

FB requires you to be friends and such.

Dean Vuckovich said...

I still like using my blog for my finished pieces, easier to search and organize, where on Twitter a lot of it is WIP photos (then also on Twitter link the final product to my blog)
You can go into your layout of the post area and add the buttons for Twitter and Facebook. So when you make a post, just click on the T and F buttons on the bottom and it makes it easier to send them to Twitter and FB also.

TableTopTerror said...

I prefer to read hobby related items in blog form, it's not cluttered or as distracting as other mediums and it's easier to find specific content. It's also a format that allows longer writing forms, so it's more in depth for things such as projects and tutorials.

Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Blog for yourself. Having readers is just a happy side effect.
My own blog is mostly a paint journal these days - what did I work on, with what colors, ect. Great for coming back to a project after a few years.

Scott said...

What you guys all say makes a lot of sense. Thank you for all the comments. The points about extended write ups is very important, since when I do things like classes I like to have a good place to write up my notes for it. Perhaps what I'll stop doing (at least for now) is the weekend roundup posts, since honestly they feel more like a chore at this point.